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Update June 2010

Minutes of the Transnational meeting that took place in Paris in June 2010




Meeting in Porvoo

  • Rima Kuralaviciute, social worker of the deaf, youth worker 
  • Irena Seniuniene, vocational training teacher in school for deaf 
  • Audrone Sinkuviene, Mazeikiai deaf association director 
  •  Laura Kunigelyte, care staff in Vocational Training Center of the Deaf

Project activities 2008-2009 

 First project partners meeting in Vilnius 2008 12 04-06 –24 participants from 5 counties –3 days agenda visiting school for deaf, Lithuanian Deaf Association, having Grundtvig meeting, speakers from Migration organization and vocational training school, deaf sign language researcher.

European citizenship discussions

  • In vocational school for deaf (20 participants) 
  • In Lithuanian deaf association (15 participants) 
  • In Mazeikiai deaf association (North – West of Lithuania) (15 participants)


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